Gift of Life

Gift of Life CD cover A vocal album featuring the following songs:
  1. Swimming to the Other Side
  2. Give Yourself to Love
  3. Judge's Dilemma
  4. Ruah
  5. There Is a Feast
  6. Blessing the Devine Womb
  7. I Could Use Some Healing
  1. With Me
  2. Sarah's Song of Blessing
  3. Underneath It All
  4. Be Near Me, O God
  5. My best Friend
  6. Ruby, Do You Remember
  7. Someone Who Loves Her Like That

Flute Music

Gift of Life CD cover
Concert and alto flute music suitable for relaxation, meditation, and healing. Featuring the following songs:
  1. Sunrise
  2. Joysong
  3. Waves - free MP3 download
  4. Dancing
  1. Wind
  2. Joysong 2
  3. Dream
  4. Havin' Fun